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Ronke Babajide

Woman in IT, Natural Scientist, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Writer

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Talking or writing about yourself is about as comfortable as a visit to the dentist or if you have lady parts, a visit to the gyno. You know you should do it, but you really don’t want to. At least if you’re an introvert like I am.

I don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but I sincerely believe you need to push at the edges of your comfort zone to grow and experience new things. Also, for most of my life, being different from most people around me, I…

How embracing vulnerability makes life easier and more fulfilling

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A stranger’s comment on how stupid our idea is, a parent’s scolding for ruining a pair of scissors instead of the expected praise for the dream treehouse we built. A friend saying we look fat in this outfit—a teacher making fun of our writing.

Every unexpected, harsh, hurtful word we hear while we’re being ourselves and innocently trying to live our lives can hurt us deeply.

I wish people would stop saying, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you.”

Nothing is further from the truth.

Words hurt us. Our deepest wounds, our lifelong scars…

Will AI change the recruiter's role in the hiring process?

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Finding the right candidate for a job role can be a daunting task. The key to successful hiring is understanding how the candidate will perform in the role and evaluating how they could grow in the future.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) interviewers are becoming popular among companies who want more efficient interviewing processes without investing heavily in training or equipment for their HR teams.

The Role of AI in Recruitment

A lot of companies have started using AI to make recruitment more efficient. AI serves as an assistant to recruiters and helps them find the best candidates.

An AI program can scan through hundreds if not thousands…

The evidence is on the table; what more proof do you need?

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Tornadoes in the Czech Republic, 50 degrees in Canada, drought in Eastern Austria, floods in Germany, fire in Siberia. That’s only a small sample of the extreme weather events in 2021.

Now that the consequences have arrived in the middle of Europe, can we please finally consent to a joint effort to alleviate the problem?

(Myles) Allen said scientists expected more extreme weather events, but records are being blown away at a concerning clip — the unprecedented heat wave in the Northwest US in late June is another recent example.

“Extreme events happen and records get broken all the time,”…

Qualities you should look for in a great mentor

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71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs, and of those who’ve found a mentor, 97% will tell you they’re valuable. 25% of employees who enrolled in mentoring programs increased their income, compared to only 5% of workers who didn’t. Mentees are also promoted five times more often than those without a mentor.

No wonder mentoring has become the go-to advice in career counseling. No matter who you talk to about job progression, they’ll immediately tell you that you need to find a mentor to show you the ropes. …

You never know where life will take you

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The first piece of modern tech I can remember was a VCR. A state-of-the-art, silvery, gleaming piece of wonder. It was as if a spaceship had landed in our living room. It had a remote control, an incredible convenience we’d never imagined could exist. To switch between the 3 channels on our TV, we had to get up. The remote was attached to the VCR with a long cable, but that made it no less magical.

My father loved technology. We lived in Nigeria, where many things weren’t available. But, from his business travels to Europe, he would schlepp home…

Unpopular opinion, I know, but hear me out.

Minimalistic scandinavian interior. dishes on white shelves. white details in the interior
Minimalistic scandinavian interior. dishes on white shelves. white details in the interior
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I bet you’re thinking, “Here we go again, everything is bad nowadays,” “Why can’t we just have something nice?”

I’m sorry for spoiling your day. But, it is; minimalism is rooted in a supremacist mindset. Not in the modern, OMG, all yt people are racist way, but born from good old-fashioned European supremacy. So before you marykondo your apartment and give away all your favorite childhood toys, take a look at the history of minimalism.

Adolf Loos

Adolf Loos, a fellow Austrian, laid the foundations for the minimalist movement in architecture and design in the early 1900s and became one of its…

Build your brand and increase your visibility with these targeted tactics—using completely free tools

Cellphone with LinkedIn logo on it
Cellphone with LinkedIn logo on it
Image credit: OhmZ.

LinkedIn is the most important platform if you want to build your brand, expand your business network, and be visible on the job market.

It’s a busy place. Everyone is vying for attention. Some love it; some despise it precisely because of the constant chatter of people trying to promote themselves.

So how can you be seen among all these people and content?

Let me show you how to increase your Social Selling Index (SSI)—LinkedIn’s internal measure of effectiveness—to achieve more engagement with your content or business or get job offers and opportunities.

What Is the LinkedIn SSI?

Your SSI determines how visible you are…

Ronke Babajide

Woman in IT, Natural Scientist, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Writer— I’m passionate about Work, Women’s Career Strategies, Personal Growth & Tech

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