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Ronke Babajide
Photo Source — author

5 tips to up your camera game and take better pictures of your pets

Photo by user1147200932k on freepik

A tale of NFTs, reality escapism, and regulation avoidance

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What an obscure German sect teaches us about evil and religion

Lonely person walking on a pathway in alabama hills in california with mount whitney
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Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and Marshmello have used this new platform to reach record audiences

graphic element source @pikepicture and @vectorpocket on freepik — collage by author

The Facebook outage is a reminder that the Internet is held together by “bubblegum and string”

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“Operation Epik Fail” exposes Parler, Gab, The Donald,

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The rich hide wealth from tax authorities to avoid paying their fair share

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A high EQ is a superpower in today’s business world

Balance between heart, emotions, love and intelligence, brain, logic on scales. choosing between feelings and mind, career or hobby, love or work. making life decision. emotional balance
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Most important: We could all have a good life without exchanging our entire time for money.

Graphic by author

Ronke Babajide

Woman in IT, Natural Scientist, Life Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Writer— I’m passionate about Work, Women’s Career Strategies, Personal Growth & Tech

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