The Winners of the “Our World Tomorrow” Writing Challenge

3 wonderfully different interpretations of a vision for our future

Ronke Babajide
4 min readAug 15, 2022


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What do you think of when you think about the future? What world do you envision?

That was what I wanted to know when I started the “Our World Tomorrow” summer writing challenge — as always, asking other people questions was enlightening.

Listening to other people’s answers to your questions tells you as much about yourself as it tells you about them. This is why I love reading. Reading a good book or story doesn’t just transport you into another world. It transports you into another person’s head. You see the world as they see it.

A story captures your attention when it accomplishes one of 2 things: either you feel connected to the story because you feel seen in a way you didn’t think possible, or it teaches you something you needed to know about the world.

When I think about the future and what our world will look like tomorrow, my mind naturally goes to 2 topics: the evolution of technology and science or how we will work.

The stories submitted to the challenge made me realize that this is a reflection of what I do daily. I work in tech, and I’m deeply involved in making the tech workplace more diverse. Seeing what the 3 winners thought about when prompted to think about the future made me realize that there are blind spots that I’ve never thought to look at.

How will politics change? How will our perception of what is a family change? Will we be able to deal with the climate change crisis, and what will happen if we can’t? Do we have to change individually by looking inside ourselves, or will we take another step in our evolution?

These are some of the questions they artfully approached in the 3 winning stories.

And the winners are:

3. Place 25€: Athena Milios Stepping Off the Hedonic Treadmill and Into a Better Future

In her story, Athena reminds us that many of our issues are caused by our unwillingness to know who we are and to deal with pain. Her hope for the future is that if we finally…



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